Pizza Nostra: a family tradition


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Baking has been a tradition in the Giugliano family for over a century. It all started in a small bakery in Naples, and it evolved into a successful family business, that eventually led Giuseppe and Luca Giugliano to open Pizza Nostra in Berlin, in 2008. The two brothers learned the secrets of pizza-making from their grandfather Franco and their great-uncle Enrico and treasured their teaching, laying the foundations for the success that Pizza Nostra has become. There’s an authentic corner of Italy in fancy Prenzlauer Berg, a place where Berliners can experience the true warmth of the Neapolitan spirit, briefly forgetting the rigours of German winter.

Pizza nostra, mozzarella bianca e friarielli

Fresh ingredients and a lifelong passion for the subtle and complex art of pizza-baking make Pizza Nostra a must-visit joint for lovers of authentic Italian cuisina in Berlin. The German capital is home to countless Italian restaurants of course, but Pizza Nostra is quite unique, because all of the recipes on the menu have been passed on from one generation of the Giugliano family to the next for over a hundred years. And there’s more to the Neapolitan tradition than just pizza: here you will be able to try several tasty variation on the restaurant’s main dish, such as pizza rolls, calzone (folded pizza) and focaccia. If you are not in the mood for pizza, you can try one of their delicious salads, with rare Italian delicacies such as burrata and buffalo mozzarella, or their scrumptious lasagne with Bolognese ragout. Vegetarian options are available. If you still have a little room for dessert, make sure you try the traditional Neapolitan “sfogliatelle”, which are incredibly hard to come by in Berlin, or the home-made tiramisu. This too is a family recipe, that has been passed on from mother to daughter and, like all true family recipes, tastes like nothing you have tried before. Round off your meal with a true Neapolitan espresso.

Calzone napoletano

Pizza Nostra opened in Berlin on February 29th 2008 in the popular neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg. Ten years on, it has become one of the favourite spots for the Italian community in Berlin. In winter, it is the perfect place to visit, to get out of the cold and bask in the cosy warmth of a typical southern Italian interior . In summer, there’s plenty of room to sit outside and enjoy the rare pleasure of an alfresco dinner. If, on the other hand, you would rather enjoy your pizza with a side of Netflix, you can take it home or even order in.

Whether you want to enjoy it at a restaurant or in the privacy of your own home, Italian cuisine – particularly pizza – is all about treating yourself, about slowing down and savouring a moment of pure pleasure. Pizza is the perfect embodiment of this concept: pizza-making is an ancient art, that requires patience, dedication and love. You can’t rush it, you can’t skimp on your ingredients, otherwise the result will be disappointing. And pizza-eating is first and foremost a social activity: the pleasure of sharing is as important as the pleasure of tasting something uniquely delicious. Pizza Nostra has fully embraced this philosophy: the best ingredients, carefully prepared, are served in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, so that every meal is a rich and memorable experience, that conveys decades of shared passion and family traditions.

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